Understanding the Benefits of Using Gua Sha in Skin Care

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Some ancient practices are like classic denim jeans – they never go out of style! As beauty trends evolve with the rise of at-home tools and technology, it can be beneficial to revisit simple traditional rituals. The current trend of combining ancient techniques with modern innovation and ingredients presents an opportunity to level up your skin care routine. Let’s talk about Gua Sha: originating from ancient China as one of the oldest healing practices, it’s known as a scraping technique using a hard smooth-edged tool against the skin. Learn how to sculpt your way to healthier looking skin using Gua Sha therapy!

What is Gua Sha?

“A Gua Sha tool made of stone or metal is massaged in upward strokes on lubricated skin with a gentle amount of pressure” explains Andrea Savita, Medical Aesthetician at Dermafina in Dorval, Quebec. This motion increases blood flow circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system and allows the excess fluid in the face to disperse, reducing puffiness and inflammation. This promotes a tighter, more sculpted facial complexion. “If bruising occurs or you feel uncomfortable while using Gua Sha, it’s not being used correctly”, adds Savita.

There are a variety of Gua Sha tools that come in different shapes and materials. Some have comb-like edges, and different curves for use on different areas and angles of the face and neck. The new Vivier Gua Sha is made from 100% natural white jade. Its traditional dolphin shape is designed for comfortable grip during use when targeting various areas of the face, chin, neck. 

When using your Vivier Gua Sha, it’s recommended to use a vitamin c serum for your skin type, or a moisturizer to hydrate your skin and reduce friction, for effortless gliding. 

What are the Skin Health Benefits of Using Gua Sha?

From the comfort of your couch, you can do at-home lymphatic drainage using massaging techniques explains Savita. It’s an easy and fun way to reap the benefits of making your skin appear and feel plumper. “The massaging motion “releases unhealthy bodily matter (toxins). This helps to stimulate new oxygenated blood flow to the areas promoting metabolic cell repair, regeneration, and healing”, Savita adds.

Adding Gua Sha to your wellness and beauty regimen not only enhances lymphatic drainage, but “may help to reduce inflammation/flare ups in active acne. It helps to move congestion and bring fresh blood to the surface of the skin”, explains Savita.  

Suggested Usage

Incorporating Gua Sha in your skin care regimen is the perfect boost your skin needs. Savita advises that a Gua Sha massage can be done in the morning or night, but she explains that “many like to do it in the morning which helps reduce puffiness in the cheeks and under-eyes. Temporary results are typically seen immediately, and more long-term results can be achieved when done consistently.” Here’s how to complete a successful routine using Gua Sha: 


For best results, prepare your skin by cleansing and toning with one of our Vivier cleansers. Next, apply your favourite Vivier Vitamin C Serum to your face, neck, and chest. The serum will help your Gua Sha tool glide along your skin during your massage. If seeking additional hydration, you may also apply the moisturizer of your choice prior to your massage.


Keeping the Gua Sha flat against the skin, gently massage face and neck following the steps below. Repeat each movement on both sides of the face, three to five times before moving onto the next area.

Beyond being a trend, Gua Sha embraces beauty, health, and timeless wisdom. From promoting lymphatic drainage to alleviating inflammation, Gua Sha is the must-have for your dose of daily wellness. Now that you understand the benefits of incorporating Gua Sha in your skin care regimen, you’re ready to embark on a journey that connects ancient traditions with contemporary lifestyle for healthier, glowing skin.

Andrea Savita is a Medical Aesthetician at Dermafina in Dorval, Quebec.

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